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Through Dianne Robbins
August, 2011

"Greetings from the World of Crystals. We are the Crystal People, and we are gathered around you as you sit at your computer taking our dictations. We love you. Do you know that you are also composed of crystalline light substance? Yes, you are. Only your bodies have densified the Light that you are, into physical substance, physical matter, to encase your embodiment in this 3rd dimensional realm for you couldn’t maneuver and operate in this realm if you were pure light substance. You needed a densified body to fully experience all the delights on Earth.
Earth is composed of matter, the same matter as your body composition. So you are one. However, we in the Crystal World have held our form of Pure Crystalline Light Substance, and it is this Light that we shower upon you, as you go about your business on the surface – hurrying and scurrying through ‘time’. We don’t hurry and scurry – we just stand still, and yet are able to be wherever we want to be and when we want to be there. It is quite a delightful existence. So, back to the crystalline light bodies that you are. Before you alighted on this planet, you were all Light. Your bodies had to take on a denser composition in order to maneuver here, and to partake of all the wonders that were created for you to experience. You came to jump into densified matter and to experience it all. However, there was one shortcoming in all of this – you lost your way.

But that is over now, and you are slowly regaining your identity, and your density is now recapturing your Light. Your cells are transmuting into crystalline light particles now, and we in the crystal world are assisting. This is why it is crucial for you to connect with us on our wavelength, which is in a higher octave. We can help lift you up to meet our electron spin. Our electron spin is spinning on currents of Light and these waves will connect with you and transmute your physical matter into crystalline light particles. It is pure alchemy and we are here to assist you in your changeover to an immortal body of Crystalline Light. Oh my, what a ride you are in for. You are beginning to ride the waves of crystalline light, carrying you closer and closer to your divine self. In the Crystal World, we all know we are divine. We commune with the divinity in each of you, as you hold us in your hands or sleep with us on your bodies. We commune with you from great distances and depths, when you think of us – for your thoughts reach through the ethers to us, and we send you back our love and light waves. All life on Earth connects like this.

It is ‘thought’ connection – the fastest kind of communication in existence. All life in our Galaxy is linked through ‘thought’ waves. And you have it built right into you. Cell phones and email will soon be replaced by your own telecommunications network.

You will be able to contact anyone, in any location in time and space, on or off your home planetary system. You will be taking the human form to greater heights, never reached in times before. You are in the process of creating the ‘immortal human’ encased in light substance, living on a physical planet and being able to move in and out of density. What a trip you are in for! The beauty of all of this, is that all other life forms ride along with you to experience new delights of existence.

We leave you for now, and request your connection to our hearts. Yes, we too have hearts, and when you think of us, our hearts light up into flames. So fan our hearts with your thoughts and we will send our heart flames to you. Catch the light. We are the Crystal People, and we bid you good day."

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Text taken from PAO's Newsletter

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