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A partida de Aurelia Louise Jones: a trabalhadora de Telos

Descobri hoje, casualmente, que Aurelia Louise Jones, canalizadora de mensagens de Adama e da cidade de Telos, faleceu. E já faz algum tempo. Ela deixou este plano no dia 12 de julho de 2009. Foi um pouco mais de um ano após ela ter me enviado um e-mail em resposta a um e-mail meu no qual eu contava um pouco de minha história e trabalho e pedia permissão para traduzir os escritos dela (canalizações /psicografias digamos assim) que vinham da cidade de Posid (localizada em outra dimensão mas paralela ao Brasil Central e assinadas por Galatril, um líder dessa região. Na mensagem dela, ela comenta que esteve no Peru à serviço e à pedido de Adama e toca no assunto da cidade cristalina sob Machu Picchu. Ela diz que amaria vir ao Brasil e América do Sul mas destaca que a saúde do corpo físico dela anda fraca. E diz ainda que possivelmente ela deixaria para viajar após a ascenção e relata que Adama pediu que ela se preparasse pois a hora estava chegando. Um ano depois, ela partiu. Publico abaixo a nossa troca de correspondência:

jackson lima wrote:
Dear Aurelia,

I am Jackson Lima, a lightworker living in Brazil, South America and for quite some time I have been reading, enjoying and to some extent telling other people about your channelings mainly those by Adama.

About five years ago a I wrote a book [about] the Sacredness of Iguassu Falls and dedicated the book to Adama. After the book was publishied I sent a message to lightworkers [throughout] the world asking them to join me in the effort of attracting attention to Iguassu Falls as a Sacred Peace and Power Place.

Last month I was contacted by people organizing a workshop by Celia Fenn that included a Water Ceremony at the {Iguassu] Falls and channeling by Archangel Michael. I felt that my prayers had been answered and also felt that more work should be done. A few days ago, as I explored your sites and read those important channelings through You, I came upon those two channelings from Galatril from Posid.

I felt so happy to know that you were chosen to channel for Galatril and Posid that happen to be in Brazil. So what I immediately did was to translate the channeling and post it in my special blog called Neblina Criativa (Creative Mist). I felt that I have been guided to do that. Now I am writing you to ask you to see the translation of Part I at the blog as well as to ask for your permission to go ahead with the translation of part II and whatever material is available on Posid.

Secondly, with this original contact I hope to be opening the way for you to come to Brazil and Argentina and include these two countries in your talks and workshop programs. I am sure that Adama would be happy in promoting the union, unity and connection between Telos and this part of Argatha. Thank you very much for the time being. Blessings and love! Jackson

Date: Thu, 24 Jul 2008 22:22:03 -0700
Subject: Re: Posid Translation into Portuguese

Dear Jackson,
I apologize for taking so long to reply to your e-mail. I am very happy that you contacted me. I fairly recently returned from an important assignment given to me by the spiritual hierarchy of the planet to accomplish in Peru. I was there several weeks and it was most difficult and challenging for my aging physical body. But, I got it done, and I am now recovering.

My trip has to do with the clearing of the time line of the slaughter of the Inka civilization about 500 years ago by the Spanish. I was embodied at the time as the High Priestess of the Inka civilization. As everyone else, after I was brutally slaughtered by the Spanish, I was taken to the city of Light beneath Machupicchu in my Light body. It was agreed at the time that I would return there in person to Machupicchu iin some distant future, where I was living at the time of the massacre, where I was brutally killed along with the rest of the community, to recover the gifts I have developed in that life time that I left there, preciously guarded on an altar by the priesthood of the city. Also it would be an opportunity to assist the clearing of that unfortunate time line of the Inka. My trip was very challenging, but at the same time, spiritually very fulfilling. The doorway to the Light was once again opened in that country.

Yes, I give you permission to translate the important messages of Galatril to the people of your country and in your language. I am a channel for Adama, but he brings to me other masters once in a while for special messages. It was very difficult for me to channel these messages as I realized that I had not completely forgiven the Atlanteans for the destruction of Lemuria, and channeling Galatril brought a lot of emotions and tears to my heart. This was also a profound healing for me.

I would love to stay in touch with you and perhaps come to your country some day, but I am very busy here and I am not yet well enough to travel very often. It takes too much out of me. But after my ascension, which I hope will be in a near future, it will become much easier to travel. Adama already told me to get ready as the time it approaching, and when it comes, I will be traveling in many countries world wide, but South America will be definitely a priority.

Thank you for contacting me, and sending you much love and blessings,

Nota: siga os links para ver as traduções das Canalizações de Posid I e II. Ainda devo trabalhar nelas - perdoem-me os erros!

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