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Um texto reencontrado - Drumming to the Great remembrance

O texto abaixo foi publicado em 28 de junho de 2004 em um site que havia esquecido completamente. Hoje não posso atualizá-lo pois já não me lembro de senhas, códigos, nome de usuário. O texto foi escrito em inglês muito antes dessa data. No site, peço aos leitores que o usufrua em inglês e que eu logo o disponibilizaria em português. Faço o mesmo, hoje e vou refazê-lo em português. Logo!

Iguassu Falls are a Sacred Site - a special place in the world. As a powerful source of esssential energy, Iguassu Falls are part of a system of Sacred Places scattered throughout the earthly globe: Lake Titicaca, Cuzco Valley, Glastonbury, Uluro Kattjuta, Stonehengue, Mount Shasta, Sedona, Machu Picchu, the Mouth of the Amazon River, the Pantanal, the Mount of Olives, the Great Pyramid and thousands of other places on Earth.

To the Guarani Indians, the Iguassu Falls are sacred. A Place of Remembrance. A remembrance of what? It is a place to remember the very ancient energy and power of Creation. A place to remember the days and eons past when Ñamandu, the supreme and universal mind created Himself, of the days when He was fed by the Sacred Hummingbird and of the time when he created the big-hearted Ñamandus, the Jakaira, the Tupãs, and the Karaí.

And for what purpose did the supreme Father/Mind create these likewise supreme and excelsior spiritual beings, beings of light?
He created them to be the true fathers and mothers of His future millions of sons and daughters that were to fill His Earth. And those millions of sons and daughters are the peoples of today – you, me, all of us.

In the Sacred language of the Mbyá Guarani people, there is no way to make a difference between word and soul. You may look like flesh and bones. But in truth you are a word Ñamandu uttered. You are a word-soul. The Bible – Sacred Book of the whole of Christianity confirms the importance of word in creation. Says John 1:1: “In the beginning was the Word. And the Word was with God. And the Word was God”.

Word is Logos in Greek, Ne´e in Guarani. Everything exists through the word. Word is being. The power of Ñamandu is manifested in the Falls. The power of the word. The power of our primaeval true fathers and mothers are felt here.
Tupã, for example, reigns over the waters, rain and thunders over the Sacred Iguassu Falls. Jakaira is the owner of the Mists. The mists you see and the mists that pour over you are just a reflexion of the original Mists that Ñamandu created to refresh our hearts, our minds.

To most esoteric and mystical traditions, seven places are most sacred on Earth: Lake Titicaca, Mount Shasta, the Uluro Kattjuta, the Great Pyramids, Mount Kailash, Kuh-e-malek-Siah. The world-known Iguassu Falls are not in the list of esoteric peoples. Why?

Because the people to whom the Falls are sacred have been impoverished, rounded up and sold into slavery; have been murdered, deported, broken down, denied an identity, pride, lifestyle, land. It has been so in the last 500 years.

In the last 100 years the Iguassu Falls, sacred and divine, slowly was made by the business-minded new settlers into a “touristic product” for the “world mass tourism trade”. The Falls were reduced to a “product” because the settlers, the colonizers had not heard of Ñamandu´s religion. Had not and still have not heard of how He created us to be sharers of His joys, of His little portion of Love, of the human speech he caused to be.

Iguasu Falls is a place to remember all that, to remember our connections with the whole universe. This a place of Peace and Love. Power and Joy.

The Guarani Nation has not been eliminated, annihilitated, extinguished completely, no matter how hard the Spanish and the Portuguese, Brazilians, Paraguayans, Argentineans, Uruguayans and some British and other Europeans tried. There are Guaranis living within less than 10 kilometers from the Falls. And they still dance, remember, chant, sing, drum to the great heart-enriching remembrance.

The Iguassu Falls have never ceased to be sacred, loved, praised, honored by this people despite the efforts of “Civilization” to reduce the Falls to rocks, and water, a product of the often prostituted consumer market. Reducing things, it ought to be reminded, is a habit of “civilization”.

People have been reduced to manpower or just hands; women have been reduced to being a sex product and men to money-making, pleasure-consuming machines. But at the Falls and other Sacred Places you are to be reminded that You are a son and daugheter of Ñamandu Guazu – the Great Ñamandu.

Now the family of true sons and daughters of Ñamandu is increasing. The sacredness of the Guarani homeland from the jungles to the sea is again being sanctified, revalidated. The Iguassu Falls is being put back in the List of Big-Hearted Places of the Earth. The Iguassu Falls chants, hums, whispers, breathes to the tune of the Titicaca Lake; with the Katajuta, Mount Shasta, with all of the sacred places and shrines on the Pacha Mama – the Earth Mother.

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