terça-feira, 12 de maio de 2009

Massage - a most precious art (Osho)

"MASSAGE is one of the most precious arts,
it's not only a matter of technique -
it's a matter of LOVE"

To be touched by another person is one of the fundamental emotional needs of every human being. The essential importance of physical and emotional care can especially be seen with children, touching mediates love and security. In our time, adults have the possibility to compensate for the loving touch with the help of various substitutes, but none of them can truly satisfy the inner hunger for love and the consequent emptiness caused by a lack of love. This deeply-rooted desire for a loving partner can become so great that a person becomes unable to have normal emotional contact with another person.

This also applies to the physical dimension: in order to avoid illness, periods of inner tension must be followed by periods of relaxation. Permanently cramped tissue can cause serious health problems: an increased tissue tension reduces the body’s blood circulation and can put severe pressure on the nerves, potential results are aching rheumatism of muscles or nervous breakdown.

Massage by skilled a practitioner can have a positive effect on various levels: they interrupt permanent muscle tension and bring relief to the body movement apparatus, they increase the blood circulation of tissue (muscle, connective, skin tissue), they improve the blood circulation of inner organs (through reflective massage methods as, for example, connective tissue massage or foot reflexology) and last but not least, they increase the spiritual sense of well-being.

The only goal of our 1.5 - 2 h Tantra massage is a sense of well-being for the receiver. Using various massage techniques, we touch, stroke and give massage treatment to the entire body. The energy flow is stimulated, senses open up, the body increases its sensitivity, becomes deeply relaxed and at the same time wide-awake. In addition to established techniques and a considered structure of methods, every massage giver is allowed the elbow-room to follow her own creativity; sometimes she will stroke her hair over the receiver’s skin, sometimes she will do so with a feather, a coat or a silk scarf.

According to our Tantric ideals, we touch the receiver’s entire body, including especially sensitive, intimate areas. Perceptions of sensuality and lust a located here, and these perceptions are an important source of the joy of life. Words, photos and pictures can just reflect a small impression of what is like to receive a Tantra massage. One must simply experience it!

The reflexology massage (also known as zone therapy) starts our massage rituals. It is used to reduce the receiver's self-consciousness and to establish a rapport between the giver and receiver. This technique has been adopted from East Asian massage rituals, but was also practised by the ancient Egyptians and the North American Indian tribes.
Reflexology massage is based on the knowledge that the entire body can be mapped into certain "body zones" (feet, hands and external ears are of particular importance).

These body zones are the termination points of numerous nerves, which transmit signals to the brain. The brain then returns impulses to the internal organs. The technique is similar to the connective tissue massage, but the impulses bring relief to corresponding organs, not to the muscles. That in turn brings about intensive and pleasant deep relaxation, which helps to alleviate strained muscles

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